My keychain

Yeah, a whole-ass article about my keychain. I got to this point after losing my previous one somewhere in Finland (and later finding out that it was all the time in my backpack). This article tells how I assembled my new keychain (and combined some of the old stuff with it).


During the migration period from the old to the new, I was using a simple paracord loop to hold my keys together. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who cares about their access to the home. The knot on the paracord is just too flimsy and has to be retightened constantly. One could also fix this by learning how to tie a knot.

On the previous keychain, I had a sturdy ring repurposed from an old Kevlar key retractor that was broken. It was made to last and wouldn't bend ever (too many keyrings look like hardened butter).


I would have never thought about needing my keychain to know its location and telling it to me until I lost mine. Choosing a way to track the keys was easy. I had an iPhone and Apple had announced two years ago (in 2021) its competitor to Bluetooth trackers. Their tiny coin-sized AirTags were able to transmit the location of your lost stuff to your iPhone by utilizing a large network created by other Apple devices.

The Apple pricing though is ridiculous for the keyring attachment. I wouldn't ever pay close to 50 euros for a piece of leather (even the Airtag costs less). I found quickly "Belkin Secure Holder for Airtag" that seemed to fit my use case exactly and cost less than the official Apple variant.


I had experience with Victorinox tools attached to my keys but had been eyeing a Leatherman for quite some time. When choosing a replacement for the new keychain, I settled on the red Leatherman Squirt PS4. I was surprised at how small it is, but I don't mean that it is bad. It is the best size for something to carry alongside keys in your pocket every day.

USB flash drive

I have a 128 GB Kingston USB drive. Ventoy is a tool that simplifies the creation of live USBs. Normally you would have only one operating system on a live USB drive, but with Ventoy, you can fill all the storage space on the drive with ISO files. Ventoy has a single partition where you can copy your Linux, Windows, and other ISOs. I have downloaded:


What are those!?

NOTE: Attach pictures later.